Honor Your Parents .2

I have more to say, and I don’t want to write another lengthy post. I believe honoring your parents is not worshiping them. It is accessing what they did that brought you this far. My parents happened to be in the ministry. I was born into a pastor’s home, but Mom was the influential person in my life. She had all of us learn the child’s catechism which helped with our questions about God. Mom could pray for 5 minutes, and we girls tried. At times it didn’t work.

My parents demanded respect for God, for the home, and for them. We were often punished for disrespect, and eventually we learned to Trust God, and to Obey our parents.  Honoring means that you reflect on the good, and the bad in your parents. It is knowing that you were planted in this home for a reason..to learn from them all you need for life.

Swearing, and profanity were not in my home. My dad habitually rose early in order to study the Word, and to meet with the Lord. He rose at 5:30 A. M. and I never knew how long he stayed on his knees. I know his relationship with God was real. His father’s relationship was close to God, and I believe my father came to submission because of my Grand-father’s prayers for his children.

Dad went into the ministry as a calling he received as a young man of 18. He could have majored in other things, but God’s calling was strong on him all his life. This is the part I saw over and over.

His influence was there in our home, even when he was away for a day, or two. Dad and Mom loved us, and made sure we respected them, the house, the property, and the Lord. We came to know God, and we found Jesus Christ to be the joy we needed. This is when I began singing to Him. Smile. I still do.


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