The proud fall because they are full of pride. I believe there is a time to honor someone, and it is when they are still alive. I believe that parents have a strong, influence on you in your young, days. They teach you all you need to know for life in a few, years. Then you work on what they have taught you, and you might learn more from them. Attitude counts. When parents see that you listen, obey, and like to be around them, they will grin, chuckle, and be cheerful around you. They want to enjoy you, as  their family.




5 thoughts on “HONOR . 6

  1. I have been a terrible influence on my kids. I am trying to walk with the Lord now, but between my husband not being a believer and my own influences, I worry for my girls. Please pray for them.

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    1. Thank you for writing. I will pray, and I have tried to give some pointers that may help. Your stand is there. Pray much and be cheerful when you come from reading your Bible. When we wait on the Lord, he renews our strength. Traveling solo is not easy, but remember that God gave your husband to you. You are more influence than you think. Reading the Word daily will be something the family notices, because your humility will be showing. I will be praying.

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