The Path You Take.

Many people make choices in their teens, and twenties that will influence the rest of their lives. Some know what to major in college, and others have no clue. I knew I was going to teach school, so I took Education as a major. I narrowed this to Elementary Education, and continued my major. Mom knew to put me in a Christian liberal arts college. This way I wouldn’t be taught things that are contrary to the Word of God. I could approach my classes with intellect, and my faith.

The path you take may not be smooth all the time. It may have some hard times for you. I don’t know anyone who has endured hardship who did grow from it. It is hard to bare struggles, but when we pray about things, it draws us closer to God. The path you take is important. It is when you pray about things that God begins to answer in ways you didn’t know would happen. God is interested in what you study, and who you get along with in school, and in college. I believe He is interested because He made us. I believe a Christian Education helps.

I taught my classes in the Inner City Schools, and it was difficult every year I taught. Teaching is not just getting a pay check. You are influencing the young for the rest of their lives. Your presence may be there for a good reason. Maybe some students need a firm hand, and excitement about learning. We reap what we sow. Students, and teachers working together can accomplish much.


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