Discipline Should Be Part Of Your Plan.

I got up early this morning. I got a cup of tea, and soon I was sitting down to read in the book of Joshua in the Bible. It is a most interesting book, and he was quite a leader. I will remember this when I meet someone with this name. I should expect a leader from a person named Joshua.

The Bible has many leaders that it talks about in the Old Testament. I am reading in Joshua because that is next on the list that I have. I am picking a choosing from the Old Testament, but eventually I will be reading all the books of the Old Testament. It takes longer to read the Old Testament, than the New Testament. I finished the New Testament, and I could still read from it for credit. I have another Books of the Bible page.

Why read the Bible this way? Why not. I can skip around and still keep up with how many books of the Bible, and chapters I have to finish. It is a hobby that takes a while to complete. I don’t have hours of time, but I have more than I am spending presently. If I read more, I might finish the Old Testament by July, instead of by new years Eve.


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