You Can Always Make Custard.

When you are blue, you need some oven baked custard. When you are home, and fixing supper, custard takes minutes to make. It is hot, but it cools down. It can’t have much sugar in it.

I just made another batch of custard. Beat four eggs slightly., while heating 2 3/4 cups of milk. This time I used skim milk. You can make it with whole milk, and real cream.

Don’t bring the milk to boiling. By the time you get your spices, and the four, eggs beaten together, take the milk off the stove, and add it to the eggs, beating hard so that they won’t cook in the hot milk,

Add 12 teaspoons of sugar. Real sugar. 12 teaspoons would be 3 Tablespoons. I usually count out the table spoons. This time I used a regular spoon from the silverware drawer. It is enough sugar, and not too, sweet. Mix the sugar in with all, and pour this, and the nutmeg in to little, glass, dishes.

Put the dishes in a pan with an inch of water in the pan. The dishes are set in the water. Cook the custard at 350 degrees for 55 minutes. It works. The custard puffs up, and then turns a light, brown. Take it out of the water bath and let it set out until time to eat it. My family loves this simple concoction.


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