Two Eggs a Day.

Ed went to the store today, before breakfast. We didn’t have any eggs. We bought eggs recently, but we eat two, eggs apiece. I believe my energy level has risen since we have been eating eggs for breakfast.

Out of one month’s time, we might have had oatmeal two,times. We love fried eggs, toast jelly, and hot tea. I slide the toast under the two,eggs. Then I cut the bread,and the eggs. Juicy eggs that are wonderful. I use salt, pepper, and herb spice. I put the spices on before I turn the egg over. My little, iron skillet does a fine job of cooking the eggs. Breakfast is ready shortly, and we never run out of jelly to put under the toast, before we put the eggs on it. I believe this is a hardy meal. We don’t have to have lunch.


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