Rain Woke Me Up.

It is a steady, rain coming down this morning. I woke up to it when it was louder. I believe this Spring is requiring more rain than last year. The plug has been pulled out, and the sky let’s it rain sometimes all day. Other times it is with thunder and lightning. I love a rainy day when I don’t have to be out in it.

My hair gets messed up easily by the rain. It makes it unfurl what I have curled. I try to keep an umbrella with me.

We noticed a place in the den where water damage is showing. It is the first, time we have seen this one. I guess the rain is hard on an old, roof. It will leak, or it will be right. I do remember people helping us to put this last roof on. While we were on the roof, stirring around, one person was at our mailbox checking out the mail. A neighbor called to tell us. I thanked her. We watched the guy until he left. He never returned.

Some people will be dishonest even when they are around you to help you with your roof. I have not forgotten this incident, and it happened at least twenty years ago. Ed patches the roof when there is a leak in it. The rain is trying to dissipate. I can hear the extra water, so this is a harder rain. At least it isn’t scary with thunder and lightning. Have a good day, and remember that every day is blessed.


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