Before We Had Testing…

Before we had testing, all of us were in the same classroom all day. The teacher had to teach all of us at once. No one left the room. We all went down the hall two, times a day to go to our respective, restrooms. There was no, noise in school. We sat like lumps in our desks, and in the restroom, we might have whispered, but we knew better than to stay a long time.

Rarely, a teacher would let one of us go to the restroom to wash our face. I was a crybaby, and I went to the restroom to wash my face. I lingered at the door before I really left. I found what my teacher thought of me. She talked to the class about my behavior.

When I became a teacher I found that tests were important to the class, and for planning. I saw in moments where my class stood grade wise, and it bothered me that I had 9 months to teach them all I could. If I had them two,years straight, I might be able to catch them up all the way, and beyond.

Before testing there were not any tests. Before testing we all sat down together. Before testing there was a demand to be nice, good, kind, and respectful. Teachers were respected, and so were their students. Repore came as the class realized this teacher worked hard to bring the grades up. When tests came, the progress was there, but not in all areas. When we didn’t have tests to worry over, we had a better understanding of who was smarter, and who was going to have to work harder. Respect for each other, and for the teacher made school wonderful.

Well, we have tests, and without them we wouldn’t know the amount of progress that has been made from year to year. Those who played, and didn’t study, we usually on the bottom of the list of progress. We were sent on to the next grade unless the parents insisted their child be held back. There was no chagrin if we were held back one year. In fact, some were held back because of immaturity. All of us want to get out of school, and it is necessary to have homework. I believe a good nights rest for several months in a row makes a huge difference in one’s conduct, and their attitude. I believe some people suffer from lack of sleep. If you can’t sleep, then take an aspirin. I believe three, meals a day, and going off sweets will help one’s grades, if included in this is going to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep.

Organization should show in the classroom. Having the class clean the room for a few minutes makes all the difference in the world. They get a sense of ownership.

I let people work with me in the kitchen at church, on Wednesday, nights. It helps me, and it makes them feel like they are helping. They really are. We get more done, in a shorter amount of time. I had two helping me last night. It makes a difference when people come with willingness to help. Supper gets done on time this way.


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