A Jar of Peanut Butter.

At times you should have a peanut butter, and jelly sandwich. Ed came home with a new, bigger, jar of peanut butter. We have had several peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lately. We have other things to eat, but at times a sandwich is all it takes to satisfy. I just made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Most of the time I mix peanut butter and jelly, and then spread it on the bread. You can toast the bread, but I use white bread for the sandwich. It is old-fashioned goodness.

Do you know what a peanut butter, and banana sandwich is? Put mayonnaise on one side of the sandwich. Put a good amount of peanut butter, and then slice a banana long ways. Put it on the peanut butter. Put the sandwich together. I love white bread for this kind of sandwich. Cut the sandwich in half, and sit down to eat. Enjoy.

The sandwiches are wonderful with a Coke. They can be toasted, but I prefer white bread, without the toasting. When I want a “Taste of Home” I make one of these sandwiches.

Another is a fried egg sandwich. Put ketchup on one side of the bread. On the other side put a little mayonnaise. It doesn’t need much. This time the bread should be lightly toasted.

Now you have no excuse for making a good sandwich for lunch.


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