What is Important?

There are several things that are important to me. I love to eat three, normal meals a day. Many times we don’t eat lunch, but today we did. I love three regular meals. They don’t have to be huge. Eating good food is better than starving and then eating sweets because of being so hungry.

I believe it is important to maintain my weight. When I gain, it is important to exercise the weight off, and to hold back on the sweets. Encouragement helps and goes a long way with dieting, and losing weight.

Clean hair, nails, and teeth are important to me. I try to keep up with all of this. Hair gets fluffy when I wash it too, much. I think it needs to be clean, if I have to wash it daily. At times I work so hard, that I wash my hair after doing this. I scrub up because I am filthy.

It doesn’t hurt to change the linen, put in three or four washes, and dust, and vacuum. You don’t have to do all this in one day, but I believe clean sheets are necessary to maintaining good health. I even help Isaac change his bed if he isn’t budging from sleeping on the same sheet. I believe two, weeks is long enough. In fact I know some who change the bed more, not less.

It is important to me to be warm enough. I pack socks for those days when the air conditioner gets too, cold.

I read my Bible daily, and this is important to me. I check off the chapters, and books, and keep up with reading through the Bible. I usually read one chapter a day, but I have read more in one day. It is important to just read, and let the Holy Spirit speak to me through the Word.

It is important to me to maintain Rubies Corner’s blog. I am a Christian writer, and I do say upfront that I am influenced by Christ in my writing.

It is important to me to pray, and talk to God until I am through. It takes time to pray, but I do this on a regular basis. I often go to sleep praying. It doesn’t have to be requests that take up my time praying. I worship Him daily.

It is important to me to let Isaac, and Ed drive while I am on the passenger side. I drive, but I feel they are in control when I resign to sit in the passenger seat. I believe it gives Isaac experience on the road, and I let him talk to me. We converse because I know that someday he will be talking to his soul mate. He needs to know how to carry a conversation. This is practiced.

It is important to listen to the news. I don’t always. I do find time to keep up with what is happening in the world today.

I believe it is remarkable to have a sense of humor, and to enjoy laughing with people over life. I believe it is important to listen to each other. I realize that this doesn’t always happen.

I believe working puzzles, reading magazines, and playing games are ways to stimulate the mind. I love checkers!


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