What is Important to Me. 4

I believe eating less may be important to my body, but if I don’t eat enough, I will not have the energy I need to get through the day. I need rest, and food. I don’t have to eat but enough. A plateful is enough. At times we love one vegetable more, because it hits the spot for us. I believe that is the time to eat and enjoy what has been made.

I believe in cooking vegetables that are not usually on the menu. Squash can be prepared with cheese, and a white sauce, and with herb spice. It changes the dish.

I probably eat like normal people do. I eat what I like when I get hungry. I believe it stretches us to eat things we have never eaten before. Avocado was not served in my home, but my son absolutely loves them. He makes a nice sauce to eat with crackers. It has plenty of avocado in it. I believe we are who we are, but it is good to eat the dark purple, eggplant in the grocery store. It is a wonderful, vegetable.

I believe humor keeps the day from being awful. I believe in having a sense of humor. I believe in having compassion for others. I want to have more.


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