What is Important to Me.-2

I believe in maintaining the pets in the house here. Isaac cares for them, but I keep up with what he does in case I have to maintain them for a few days. It is his job, and Isaac is good with pets here. He holds them, and feeds them what they need. Clean up is always there to do, but cats know when you care to do this chore in a timely manner.

I have been in houses where there were no inside pets. I believe I like no inside pets. But for right now, we have them. They are loving, and usually in a quiet mood. They are satisfied that they live here, and most of them are older in pet years. Missy who lives in the bathroom was the latest addition, and that was 5 years ago. Our pets are aging, and it is telling at times.

It is important to me to have a time to clean up what I have messed up in the kitchen. It is important to speak to my family, and to have a  conversation with each one. I believe talking is important, but maintaining a relationship with  God is important to me. It is number one on my list for efforts in the day. Talking about God is important to me. I talk about Him with Isaac, and Ed.

I believe God cares about the details, and He helps me remember to put all the ingredients in the apple pie. I have this anticipation, and excitement about the things I cook. At times I need more peace, and God gives it to me. I need His peace daily. It is important to spend the time with the Lord that is necessary to maintain peace in my heart. Then I can do more for others at home, and at the church.

I believe it is important to remember who you belong to: for me to live is Christ and to die is to go to Heaven. I believe He is foremost in my heart, and mind. I believe it is necessary to pray over the pies I make. I pray, and He helps me make it right. In fact, I believe He makes it better.

Humility of spirit is bowing my knees before Almighty God, and praying for a few minutes, or several. I believe the attitude is from the heart when you have humility. Pride, and arrogance show readily if your attitude isn’t one of humility. Pride will make a person fall. When that happens, you get up, repent, and walk on with Jesus. I have learned that He is God, and He is worthy of much worship, singing, and adoration.


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