Respect, and a Sense of Humor.

When your parents are gone to Heaven, you remember who they were, and how they were at home when they were not entertaining company. They were honest, loving, and full of laughter at times. Mother would laugh, Dad would join her, and soon all of us were laughing. It is important to me to have laughter , a sense of humor, and respect for others, and myself.

I believe when one respects themselves, there is a difference in the level of confidence. I believe we work hard to cause others to have a sense of humor, and respect for people. Those who don’t have respect, should listen to the wise among us.

Any one in service should be respected. Teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, and those who give to their country should all have respect.

I believe it is important to find someone to share Christ with. I believe talking about how God has helped us, and sharing the answers to prayers is as important.May God reveal Himself to you, and me , and may He help us to communicate what He has done for us.


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