I Have Written Four, New, Posts.

It is important to me to maintain a peaceful attitude. I find that rocking in a rocker, or spending time reading will help me. I find that watching Andy on television is a way to find happiness. The show moves quickly, and soon it is over.

I used to watch I Love Lucy because it was hilarious. I believe we need people who are full of the joy of the Lord around us. I believe some were born to be funny. I don’t like smut. I like good humor that everyone can laugh with. I think mockery is pitiful. People need to be positive in their opinions. They should encourage others, instead of criticize. This is what I think. Now this is the fifth time I have written about what I think.

I believe some of us are quiet on purpose. I had a quiet spirit many years back. I found someone who talks all the time, and soon I was talking. I believe it is fine to talk, but maintaining some peace, and quiet is important to me. I want to hear the Lord’s voice first. If I haven’t, then I will resume the quiet, and read more, not less of the Word. I believe it is a good thing to work during the day with the Lord on my mind. I sing to Him, and work harder.

I believe it is wonderful to have the chance to talk to God, because of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. I believe He opened the door of communication for us. The New Testament challenges us to enter boldly into the Throne Room. God gives boldness when we worship Him, get to know Him, and give our lives in surrender to Him. Most of my days have been spent in getting to know Him.


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