How to make Mashed Potatoes.

Peal, cut, and boil potatoes in a pan. If you want plenty of mashed potatoes, you will need to put plenty in the water to boil. Add a sprinkle of salt. These should cook on the stove until they are tender. The water will begin boiling, and after this, you need to watch the pot closer. After 15 minutes, poke a potato slice with a fork. If it is tender you will know.

Drain the water from the potatoes when you have boiled them until tender. Rinse them in cold water for a few seconds. Then get the potato masher, or put them in a bowl to put under the beater. Let them become broken, and beaten. Then add a little milk, salt, and butter. The milk goes first. Beat the potatoes, and then add salt, and butter. Enjoy fresh, mashed potatoes.


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