Popcorn is a Wonderful, Snack.

We had a wonderful lunch. I had a Greek salad, and it took a while to finish it. Ed, and Isaac chose soup, and a sandwich.  We didn’t get hungry for more until about 8:30 P. M. I called Ed, and he was finally on his way home. We didn’t have services tonight, but at the end of May, we will have a supper to celebrate Memorial Day. That is a ways off.

Popcorn has been a stay for us when we eat a good, lunch, and don’t really want to fix a heavy, meal for supper. I did have a second, piece of Isaac’s pie. I had a bite. I can’t eat many sweets. Ed had a second, piece, and I believe Isaac did also. We are taking it easy tonight. I rested, but didn’t nap.


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