I Don’t Plan to be Bored.

I don’t mean to be bored today. This is Sunday, and we went to church this morning. Ed preached, and the sermon was over shortly. So was church. It was rainy, and people stayed to try out the desert Isaac made.

It was chocolate pudding, served with home-made whipping cream. The chocolate was like a pudding. It took several, hours to make. He loves to serve our congregation after church. He studies the recipe books that we have, and he comes up with something different, new, and harder to make. Not just anyone would pick what he picks to serve. The concoction is gone in minutes. I don’t know that there were left overs. If so, he will serve them to us tonight.

I am not bored with church, or the after church desserts. Ed keeps things flowing in his teaching. I believe he is a gifted speaker. It is like we are one to one with an undiscovered person. He would laugh if he saw this. He is a humble man. I am not bored when I listen to this man speak. He is intelligent, and he adds humor in his sermons. He doesn’t keep us listening too, long.

Soon he is wrapping the lesson up, and we are thinking, “Ah! We have listened to something we didn’t know, and we are not bored.”

I don’t plan on being bored. I won’t hear someone two, times if they are boring. I am glad Ed is my husband. I would love to hear him speak for the rest of my life. I am not planning on being bored. He studies.


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