I am Still Playing Checkers.

Playing games can help your mind to preserve itself. I play checkers on the internet. I either have an opponent, or the computer will play me. I play several games in one sitting. Many times I am beaten by the computer, but you know, I am getting a little better. I believe it takes patience to play so many games. I don’t rob Ed and Isaac of my company. When they are in the den, I stay to watch a movie with the. It is when the movie is too scary that I slip out. They don’t like for me to sit there in fear. I might scream, and that is never good. They think I am jumpy enough. To add a scream is getting into the story line too, much. They gladly send me to the computer.


One thought on “I am Still Playing Checkers.

  1. Well, I went to the Games online and tried playing Checkers. Immediately, I remembered why I hate that game! I applaud you for playing, but I just can’t. I would rather play cards or words games. More power to you! Keep your brain active! Love you!


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