The Right Spices will Help.

When preparing food, I forget the salt, and try to put spices on the meat, or food. I favor herb spice, which is very tolerable. It is full of taste. I believe salt is good, but not for blood pressure hikes. So I try to drink water, and use less salt. I can tell when I have gotten into the salt.

The other day I marinated some pork chops. I noticed that the marinade was spicy. It certainly raised my blood pressure. I have to take care, because when the pressure rises, my cheeks turn red, and my ears ring, especially on the right side.

I love peace, so I watch, and drink water. Slowly, as I have aged, the weight have steadily gone up. At first I didn’t notice. I believe somewhere I had salt, and it is the culprit. I try to stay off salt. Marinade is full of it. So it is a choice. Do I want my ears to ring, or do I want to eat this tender piece of meat? I declined meat this morning.

I served fried eggs, toast, and pork chops left from Wednesday night. They were in bags, and the meat had been setting in marinade. The chops were tender, and wonderful, but I ate my eggs, and one piece of bread, with a spoonful of grape, jelly under the bread. It is wonderful this way, and I didn’t need the pork. Smile.


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