At times nature is in more harmony than I am with other people. I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. My family wants me to nap so I will get over my disharmonious thoughts. I do nap, and rest causes me to come back to reality with more harmony. This is why I read daily. I want to love people, and to walk in harmony with others. It won’t always happen. Someone will need a nap, and come around me.

My response to harmony is that it is a group of people who sing in different tones…alto, tenor, bass, and soprano. They blend because they know instinctively how to sing in harmony. It sounds wonderful. When we are walking in harmony with those around us, it is like singing. The tones are beautiful. Hugs are received, not ignored. I pray to walk in harmony with people.

At times, it won’t happen, because I respond to words that hurt. I believe God responds to me later. He comforts, and He chides.

“Walk away, but don’t bother with those who are carrying disharmony.” He says.

I believe disharmony grieves the Holy Spirit. I believe walking in harmony means we all take on humility, and confess our own sins without someone having to tell us our sins. We grow up into the Body of Christ by doing what we are called to do. We are the only ones who have this particular, function in the Body of Christ. We fit like a, puzzle, piece. It is with humility that we submit to the fitting.


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