Discouragement 2

Discouragement comes in many packages. You can wake up irritable, not knowing that really you are suffering from feelings hidden deep in your heart. Discouragement comes through other people, through the mail, and at times on television through the shows we watch. It is mental to be discouraged about life, your job, or others around you.

So what is the solution to discouragement? I have made one habit every day, and no matter what I feel like, I continue with steadfast pursuance. It is to read the Bible for myself, without someone sitting there, or someone looking over my shoulder. It is a private time with me, my Bible, and God. I believe He speaks to me through the Word, and if I listen it is a good thing. I find an organized way to read through the Bible is the way to go. I have a page that lists all the books of the Bible. I can go to any book this way, and mark off the chapters I have read.

I believe in reading until encouragement replaces the discouragement. I believe in confessing to God all my feelings, and to ask forgiveness, and that He replace the discouragement. I get discouraged when there are few answers to my prayers, but consistent praying is a key. Don’t give up. Listen to your heart, but don’t become discouraged. Sing to Him. Tell Him His ways are going to be your ways. Devote your early morning to Him, and sit in His Presence with some faith.

I believe we hang on with faith, and faith can be a tiny line from us to God, but small faith is genuine. God sees our faith, and what we are going through. God encourages us when we bow, listen, and vow to follow His ways no matter what. His way is to rejoice, sing, and love people. Often when we begin to talk with people, encourage them, and give what God has given us we lose our discouragements. They come, and they go as quickly when you pray, and give once more to someone what they need. Your discouragement is in your heart, but when you encourage others it rubs off on you. Listen to Him. He has plenty to say. Don’t let your heart become discouraged. Believe God, and put your life in His hands. He cares.


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