Blood Pressure Rises When you Think.

My ears are silent until I start thinking about people, places, and things. I have taken to the computer, to the games. It is a wonderful thing to find the time to play checkers. My blood pressure doesn’t rise, and I sit in absolute contentment while I play against the opponent, or the computer. I may lose every time, until the computer has pity on me. This is after the 30th time it has won. Maybe not that many, but I believe checkers is still good for me. I have to think, and use my wit to beat the computer, or my opponent.

The time will go for 4 minutes without any action on the computer’s part. It is frozen, and there I sit. I nudge it, and nothing happens. So finally I go do something else. I play chess, which I don’t know how to play. I find that it works for a while. Then I go back to checkers, and it is like I am queen for a half hour. The computer gives me nudges to jump my opponent. Well, when I do, it gives the opponent chances to jump me for three jumps, and sit crowned . At this point I hate the game, but I keep playing. I am winning more, and losing still.


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