There are Several Ways to Rest.

There is nothing wrong with a day of working around the house, and getting the clothes in the dressers, and washing all the dirty ones, drying them, and separating them. I believe organization is part of a house. You must have a place for everything.

My kitchen becomes overloaded. Ed has tools on the kitchen floor. He doesn’t want them anywhere else, because this way he can pick them up, and take them to the church with him. He has exactly what he needs. Then the table is crowded with crock pots. I will have to find a decent place for them. I have more than one, and for good, reason. When we have supper from the crock pot, I fixed for 19 people to come on Wednesday, night.

Well, I fixed pork chops on Wednesday night, and we had far less than we have been having to come eat what I cooked. Everyone who usually comes had an excuse for not coming. There were the faithful, few, and next week they may have to be out. So I am resting. I am serving the rest of the pork chops at supper time, and I don’t have to cook very long until supper is ready. Add a, salad, and some potatoes, and voila. You have a meal.


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