There are Several things that Are Wonderful for Church.

I love grilled cheese sandwiches, and I make them in an iron skillet. They turn out wonderfully. The cheese melts, and the butter melts into the toasted bread. It is chewy goodness.

Put grilled cheese sandwiches with chili, and you have a soup, and a sandwich. I make moderate, not hot, chili, and it cooks well. I take the grease off the meat before adding it to the chili. I believe in putting enough meat in mine. I love chili when it doesn’t burn my throat, or cause my ears to burn. I love good, rich, chili.

There is no telling what we will have next Wednesday for supper. I am bent on chili so far. This with grilled cheese sandwiches will be simply wonderful. It is the time that I invest, and the money for the food that is every Wednesday’s choice for us. I try to pick out what I think would be good to serve. The sad part is that when people don’t come, then I am thinking, “What happened! They are usually here.”

I guess I made two pies last Wednesday, and Isaac has been having a piece of pie for breakfast with his coffee. I am smiling. We have eggs, and then he eats his pie. The coconut pie I made is gone…..I think. I made two last Wednesday night. I made a coconut custard pie, and an apple pie. They were right from the oven, and serveable. I didn’t have a piece, because frankly, I can’t have pie daily!


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