So Is My Mind Better?

I might have played 100 games of checkers by now. I believe I feel differently. I don’t strain to win the game. I can tell what will happen, and I try to keep the computer opponent at bay. I love to jump the opponent’s checkers. After a while, I do win. I am not giving up on playing this mind, building game. I need more mind building!

I have noticed that it is easier to drink water in a goblet. I take this seriously. I have goblets full of water all day. I drink from one instead of a glass when we come to the table for a meal. I believe I have found a way to drink more water. I am off other beverages for a season. I need water more than tea, or milk. I do love hot tea. I have had two cups today, and two or three goblets of water.

You might try this. A fancy goblet is fine, or a tall one. I believe I would measure to see if it holds two cups of water, or what. I have been told that one should drink a gallon of water a day. Well, that is a hard assignment without a goblet!




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