I trained myself to take shorthand. I practiced when I took notes in class in school, and later in college. I could write verbatim what was being said when I used my shorthand. It wasn’t lines. I took the vowels out of most of the words, and I could still read what I said. It gave me some speed in writing down what I needed to have for notes.

An example? The red fox jumped over the wooden, fence.

Shorthand would be T rd fx jmpe ovr t wdn fnc. My computer is having a fit with red lines under the words I wrote in shorthand.  When you practice, you can put words in short easily. I did practice. Everything I heard for a while was written in short hand. I was typing with my hands, and feet every chance I had. Soon I was writing faster.

Sn I ws wrtng fstr.  =s Soon I was writing faster.


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