I Try to Eat Light Until Supper.

The problem with eating light until supper, is that we are starving by the time we get supper made. I would rather eat a good, lunch, and have popcorn for supper! I lose more when I have a smaller supper than the rest of the meals of the day. It is hard to have a supper time when everyone isn’t ready to eat. The other day I fried up okra. It took a while with the last batch of okra. It didn’t want to fry in the pan. Maybe I should slow down, and watch it cook. I had checkers on my mind. Really. So I gave up checkers to fry okra.

Finally the okra fried, and looked wonderful. I added a little salt, and covered it until everyone could gather around the table. Ed was on his way home soon, and Isaac came in to help me with the last part of the meal. Pork chops left from Wednesday night were already cooked. Heating them in the pan was all I needed to do. They were tender because we marinated them for a couple of hours. Yes! It worked. Then we breaded them, and put them in the oven. It took an hour to bake them ever so slowly.

I made custard coconut pie, and one apple pie with the candies in it. I have to peel 7 apples to make this apple pie, and I have pie dishes that are wearing from making pies. I know how to make custard, and I put the coconut into the custard after I stirred it together. I used whole milk, and it made a fine pie.

Now you know why I intend on getting on the machine today to exercise. I have eaten heartily! At times we refrain from having dessert, because we are too, full from eating the pork chops that were left from Wednesday night’s supper. The crowd was not there. I didn’t get any calls about anyone not coming. The usual crowd didn’t show, because they were busy eating something else. Smile. What goes around comes around. I will fix less…I hope. For some reason I can’t help but cook up a storm. When the oven is full I stop. Smile.


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