12:04 A. M.

Did you know that the time you are sleeping before 12:00 Midnight is important to your brain, and to your body? Yes, there is something you get when you fall asleep before 12:00 Midnight that you don’t get if you stay up until 1-2-or 3 in the morning.

Going to bed early means that you will get up early. 12 hours from 12:00 A. M is 12:00 P. M. It is afternoon when you get to lunch time. Most of us eat either at 11:00, or 12:00 A. M. Now let me become very plain with my post. The benefits of going to bed before midnight are there for those who will do this faithfully. I am usually in bed, and asleep by 12:00 A. M., but tonight I stayed up to read the Word. I wanted to get on the computer, and there was no way to get on. Someone else was on reading around the world.

I only wanted to check my stats. We are 780 strong on Rubies Corner’s blog. I just checked and this number is the same. I am happy that the number moved by one. Every person counts when it comes to followers for my blog. Everyone is important, and maybe you will be encouraged by something I say.


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