What a Wonderful Morning!

I rose early enough to get in some choice Bible reading. I finished one book, and started reading another one. I have miles to go. I have finished several, but the Old Testament is huge compared to the New Testament. I believe I am persistent, and it is in my bones to finish my reading one more time.

I have an awesome place to read in front of a huge picture window. I can look down at the street, and see people going by. We live at a four-way stop. Our area is a housing area, but many cars use these streets to get other places quickly. That is sad when a neighborhood becomes busy with cars, when it was quiet, and none came through. I believe changes make people look at the back roads. They have stop signs, but no traffic lights to make them stop. They can go on through the neighborhood and save time getting somewhere. For many who get up late, it is a life saver to have a way to travel without heavy traffic.


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