How To Make Meat Tender.

Isaac purchased two silver hammers for our kitchen. One went to the church, and the other is at home. I brought in pork chops last night. In order to ensure they are tender, I buy marinating in a tall bottle. It is poured into plastic bags, and the meat is already in the bags. I had a pork roast cut into pieces. It made about 35 pieces.

I put 6 pork chops in a bag, and kept repeating until I had them all in the bags. I added marinating sauce, and sealed the plastic bags. An hour, or two later, it was time to take the meat out, and put on the dressing.

I dipped them in House Dressing, and put them on a covered cookie sheet. The cookie sheet is new, and I didn’t want baking to make it dirty. I rubbed down the tin foil on the pan, and then added the meat. The oil was under the meat, so it wouldn’t stick when being lifted out. A slow oven helps the pork chops to become tender, and to cook slowly.

350 is a slow rate to cook the meat. They cooked for about an hour, and they were so tender. The breading added taste to the meat. I served potatoes, and broccoli to go with the meat. For dessert we had fresh apple pie, and one coconut cream pie. There were few of us, but we ate all we wanted. Then we took the left overs home. Ed and Isaac had pork chops with eggs for breakfast. I had Cheerios, but I fried their eggs.


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