Why Do I Need to Help My Brain?

The brain is an awesome, piece of work.  I plan to keep mine,functioning until I get older, and die. That may be soon, or on down the road many,years. I don’t think it is a good,thing to waste my, brain. Checkers challenges me to think. So do Scrabble, and Chess. I believe that daily, exercise, is good for the body, and it must be good for the brain. When you use your brain, it doesn’t shrink. Reading the newspaper is an, awesome task when I have one.

I believe games are functional, fun, and now that I find them on the computer, I don’t have to have a human agree to play a game with me. I do think Isaac will find the Checker board. He played me until he began to beat me years ago. Now he may want to continue playing to see if he can beat me again. Smile. This is the kind of game I love. Mental, activity is good for us. Words are good to learn, and one,game I found deals with words. Scrabble has always been wonderful.

I also love Monopoly, and I haven’t ever been able to play the game for several, weeks. I do see that some, people have all the money, and others have to stop their part, because they don’t have much money in the game. I love to think my way through this game.

Reading books, working puzzles, and playing games that make you think are all ways to improve the brain power you have. The brain is an, awesome thing. If it is not used, it be wasted. It is a horrible, thing to see a, brain being wasted. Drinking, smoking, and becoming a zombie is not what I think is good for your brain. I believe we were put here on earth for more than playing games, and wasting hours of time.

Communicating in a,peaceful,manner, and having a decent, intelligent conversation is wonderful. I value good conversation when someone will talk with me. Otherwise, I continue to write about what I have learned, and what I love to do.


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