This is Spring, and Schools let out in May.

This is April, Spring time, and school will let out in May. Then there is summer, and some schools will continue. Colleges are always open in the summer, and I have taken many summer courses. I believe college life is wonderful, but the classroom is exciting to prepare for.

Teachers come early to decorate their classroom, boards, and to get ready for the first, weeks of school.

Lesson Plans are turned in weekly during  the school year. I didn’t work on mine ahead. I didn’t have a copy of the lesson plans to run off for each year, to use again. I made plans, and changed them, and added more to do by Wednesday, or Thursday.

I worked with those who were smart, and who didn’t know it. They wanted to play, but really there was only one, time to play. That was when we had worked all morning, and when we had really learned something new for the day.

I didn’t lack for work when I got home. I stayed up many, times, because all the work wasn’t graded. Teachers work for a living. If they don’t seem to work, then watch them. There is no, way a teacher doesn’t work.


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