Singing to the Lord.

I made breakfast for my family, and the Lord had me singing this morning about His name. It is the name above all names that I was singing about. The name of Jesus is the name above every name. One day every knee will bow to the name of Jesus.

I found myself singing this song, that I know is new, and different. I sang as I fried the eggs, and made the toast my way.

I make toast a little different now. I melt butter in the skillet. Then I take the dry toast, and lay it right on the melted butter in the pan. I let it stay there for a few seconds, and then I take it up. It gets plenty of butter, and not too, much.  Ed makes toast usually.

Did you know that the Lord hears you when you sing to Him, even if it is just your singing in the kitchen, or in the car on the way somewhere.

I believe those times when we lift our voice to Him are special.

He hears our prayers, and He hears what we say, so why wouldn’t He look our way when we sing from our hearts to Him.

It glorifies the Lord for us to sing to Him.

I make up tunes, or hear them, and sing them to Him. Often they are new, tunes, or new, songs that He has given me to sing.

I sing hymns when I know them, and I know most of them. I used to play through the hymnal when I practiced piano at the church my Dad had. No, one interrupted me. I would play half way through the hymnal, and then start somewhere else the next time. Hymns are written in many keys.

It is good, practice to exercise your sight reading, by playing what you don’t know, or have never played. My, piano, teacher would do this with me first, thing. If there was a snag, and I didn’t play the piece right, then she made a lesson of the new piece. I often had to play a piece for her.

God helped me play it right the first time…many times. Other times we had an extra time of lesson. She was a, wonderful, strict, demanding, teacher. I had to produce the next scales to her, and play them two, octaves up the piano, and back down. Piano wasn’t my gift, but I pursued it for years, until I was moved to two, other teachers. They could play, but they weren’t like Miss Hunter.


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