I Write, and then Wait.

I write, and then I wait to write again. I took my time yesterday, because I am resting for tomorrow. It will be the day I bake supper for several at our church. I come up with the menu, and then make it.

I tried out some pies this week, so I could decide what desert to fix for Wednesday. For some, the dessert is as special as the meal. I talked to my son about making a chocolate pie, and he may make one. I have visions of chocolate filling,with white,substance on top. It might be a,concoction that is home-made.

In the meantime, Ed is trying to finish the tax form we are going to sign, and send in the mail. It is due today. I have much on my mind, and when I go to cook, I have the menu in mind.

So pies are the thing for tomorrow,night. I have already made the coconut cream pie which I will make again, tomorrow. The chocolate pie is an additional pie.  I know only one,pie will be eaten……..or will it?

If I go to the trouble of home-made pies, I need some people who are willing to try them out. A, honest-to-God ,chocolate, pie with topping on it will be wonderful. The white,fluff is home-made goodness. It is like whipping cream!

Do I like one,pie better than the other one? The coconut pie will be home-made goodness, and I have made it one,time, and it was good, wonderful, and blessed. Smile. I would give Isaac the chocolate,pie to make, but it has to be sweet. It can’t have Tobasco sauce in it.




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