I Play Checkers to Help My Brain!

It exercises my brain to play checkers. Isaac asked me today if we have a checkers board at the house. I said yes, but I am not sure that it is where it was last time we played the game. I play on the computer, and it is hard to beat the other player when I have it set on Intermediate. I don’t know why I set it there. I must have won three times last night.

I believe playing the computer opponent is hard. Many times the game will stop and the last one I played will opt out. They don’t like to be beaten, or my method is not what they like. I don’t wait long to move the checker. I don’t believe in wasting time, but this game will build brain cells, not destroy them. I am older, but even children should consider this game.

I also have been playing Chess. This has always been a game that I didn’t understand. I play it anyway, and by trial, and error I am learning what to do, and what not to do. I don’t need a human to play this game with. I choose to play on the computer, because whoever is on the other side, will come to my point of view eventually…I am a winner!


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