I Made Three, Sets Of Two, Eggs Apiece For Breakfast.

We usually have two, eggs apiece every day, unless by chance, Ed wants oatmeal. Then we don’t have eggs. I put one piece of toast under my egg, and let Ed, and Isaac eat the jelly. They like grape jelly. I love strawberry jam.

Breakfast is hardy, because we rarely eat lunch these days. Usually we have two eggs apiece.

If I go with Ed, then we might go to lunch. We can have salad at a restaurant, or Salmon.  Last night, Isaac fixed the Salmon that we picked out at the store. I made the entre’s, and he baked the Salmon. It was wonderful, and it was a, bigger,2017cartoon piece than normally we eat. I believe Salmon, is wonderful, but I didn’t think so before I started making a little dressing to dip mine in. I use mayonnaise, or Ranch dressing. I usually request the Ranch when we have it at Logan’s. Now that Isaac bakes it, we may have Salmon more often.

Some don’t like fish, but do you know that it is wonderful for your heart? It is best when it is baked. This piece of fish might have taken more time, because it was long, and thick. Salmon is pink, but it is wonderful. If you don’t like it, then have the waitress give you some Ranch dressing to dip it in. Really, it helps. We rarely bake it at home. I served a big bowl of okra with this last night. I love fried okra!



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