779 is a, Wonderful, Number.

The stats are still rising with Rubies Corner’s Blog. I write, and people come along. The 779 is how many followers the blog has now. It has to be stable, because I don’t know when people cancel, unless the number goes down.

I write about life around me. I am a preacher’s wife, and I take this seriously. I am presently trying to finish the Old Testament in my reading of the Bible. I finished Nahum, and I am working on another book. They read easily. I do read slowly so I can take it all in. I read three chapters in Micah, but I lack more. I don’t rush. The Word will stand when other things I read won’t. I plant it in my heart.

This is my 9th time that I know of that I have read the Bible. I had to read it through twice when I took Bible in college. I had New Testament and Old Testament Survey. The requirement was to read the Bible through two times, so you can imagine that I sat on the park bench, reading my Bible. I sat at lunch reading it, and in the dorm, and in the hallway when the lights in the room were out. It takes a while, even for a fast reader. I don’t go fast. I believe it is respectful to read it, and let it soak into my heart.


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