Proverbs10:19-20. A Silver Tongue.

When there are many words, you are bound to get in trouble with your mouth. The one who restrains his lips is wise, because I believe the Lord says when to speak to someone. I believe the Lord’s direction should be sought.

People will misunderstand a comment, because it was made too, hastily. In this age, many children don’t know to refrain from talking. They talk easily about what is on their minds. I believe talking will eventually lead to trouble.

I tend to pray over my words. I ask God not to allow me to talk unless what I say is important enough to be heard. I know when to speak, and I know how to be quiet. I no longer have nerves, and problems with headaches. When God’s peace comes, it is different from any peace I know. We all need to follow Him, and to walk with Him, way before we speak to others.


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