Cowboys are Fun to Watch.

This is my rest day, and I have been watching the Cowboy Shows channel. You know there is not a law-abiding person in the town, unless the sheriff is a good man, and can shoot straight with his mouth, and his pistol. I don’t like to see people get killed, but the bad ones get it, and the good ones. The shows aren’t too, long, and soon the scary ones are over. I can go out of the room if it is too scary, but frankly I am entertained. That is the goal of my resting like this. I don’t want to think about anyone, or anything else. Just peace, and rest.

Now I have my Bible open, because this is a one time a day thing, if not more. I don’t forget the Lord any part of the day. I am sure He wants me to rest in Him, so I do. 1 Chronicles 29: is wonderful.  David is talking about the temple being for the Lord, and not for man. He wrote about all he provided for the, and precious stones which came from the generous people. Further he asks who is willing to consecrate themselves for the work in the king’s business. Many volunteered willingly.  The people gave, and gave…gold, precious stones, willingly, and with grateful hearts.

David was full of the praises to the Lord. I believe this was the secret part of his relationship with God. He rejoiced in front of crowds, and in the privacy of the palace. I believe God blessed him because he sought the Lord. The Lord answered all his cries for help, and he was blessed with poetry put to song. Many of the Psalms are what he wrote.

Singing with a grateful heart, and never forgetting how much the Lord has done for us is a wonderful way to go through life. Snags, and snares at times will trip us up, but those who are steadfast, and not moveable, will stand like the tall pines. They grow tall in their faith, because they pursue the Lord, even in the hard times.


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