Work on Your Potential. #3

Work on Your Potential. What ever you have to do, do it with all your might. Don’t let laziness overtake you. Calm yourself by reading the Word of God, and then work out your plan of what you have in your hand to do. It is there. Do you see the potential you have?

God has given you talent. It may be Art. Then work it out, and work on the art, through photography, drawing what you see, and paintings. Do not be lazy in well-doing. If you need a nap, take one, but have a moderate schedule that you stay with. Rise early. Find the Lord, and read your Bible consistently. Then Put it in the place you keep it. I have a little Bible container, and mine fits nicely. It preserves it, and this carrier has a handle.

Rest in the Lord. Make a plan for the day. Write down, and number what you have to accomplish, and then work the plan to your potential, knowing that what you do may take time, but you have your list. At times my list walks away! Someone throws it in the trash, or Butch, or dog, eats it.

I have the plan in mind, but to write it down, is saying, “I will not budge until I finish this.”



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