What You Eat May Make You Gain Weight.

I am aware of food that makes me gain weight. I do just fine when I eat cereal, like Cheerios. I add a teaspoon, or two of sugar, and raisins. Then milk. Usually the milk is skim milk. We have gotten used to it.

So breakfast for me, is either cereal, or two, fried eggs, with one piece of toast. Today I had jelly on the toast, with the fried eggs on top. It was wonderful. I don’t really like Grape jelly. I prefer strawberry jam. It is about the only jam I will eat, but that is rare. In fact, eating jelly is rare. I do have two, fried eggs, come rain or shine, every morning including Saturdays, and Sundays. I believe two, fried, juicy, eggs are good to eat. I don’t need the grits. I have dropped them from my memory, until now.

Our dinner meal is early in the afternoon if we have not had much lunch. Ed comes home, and we eat. Recently, Isaac sent me to type, and he started dinner. He produced a real meal. How about broccoli steamed in the steamer until tender, and Squash halved, peeled, and cut into cubes and steamed. Then how about pork chops with House Dressing, where they are dipped in the dressing. I marinate them for an hour with marinating solution that I buy in a bottle at the store. Last time they were so tender, I could cut them with my fork.

Dessert is not necessary, but when it is hot, it is nice to indulge in a small, dish of ice cream. I use the smallest of the dishes, and two scoops will fit into the dish. We may be eating ice cream for a while to come. It is nutritious, and I limit the intake. A small dish at a time. Smile.


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