Living up to Your Potential. 2

I read what I wrote on this subject, and I said a sufficiency, but I want to say more. We all have something in life that is a goal. I want to talk with those now who know the Lord Jesus. You have more to offer than you are putting out.

Seek the Lord, and find what His purposes are for you. Ask Him to open doors that need to be open, and to shut those that need to be shut. Then give your body, mind, soul, and spirit to God almighty in Jesus name. Bend your knees and ask Him to show you if you need to be doing more than you are.

Most of us are not doing anything but attending church, singing to Him then, and living a nominal life at home. I challenge you to read through your Bible slowly, and to find a notebook for note taking. I challenge you to write down the wonderful verses you find. Date the pages when you start a new day.

I sat this morning in front of the picture window, with a small, cup of tea, and my Bible, and notebook. I must find another notebook, because I have run out of the pages of my composition book. It was thick, but it is full of the verses that meant something special to me.

Recently I finished reading the New Testament, and I am about to finish Proverbs in the Old Testament. I just finished Psalms. I read slowly. I don’t take the Bible on for three months like I have. I read slowly now, and try to find what I can that means something for me today. I found myself in Isaiah 40 today. It is a wonderful passage, and I gave myself credit on another sheet, because I had read this once. You see, I have a page where I can check off the chapter when I finish them.


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