I Took a Long Nap.

No one called, and when I woke up, I was rested. I crawled inside the bed, with the covers over me, and slept peacefully like an infant. Yesterday was horrendous, and I stood most of the day. We didn’t leave, after cleaning up the kitchen, until everyone was gone.

We had a meal, and that meant fixing my part. I stayed at the church, and fixed my part which was the pork loin roast. You have to baby it, and I did. I just told Ed, “I will not do yesterday, next year. I will do something else. It was hard, because I chose to bend over the oven, and check to see if the meat was alright. Someone else came with their meat, and then both of us were using the oven, and watching over the meat.

The meal was stupendous, and the service of the cross, and communion went well. Then we did have a meal together before we had the songs, and Tenebrae service. It was a big, eventful time. Good Friday is tomorrow, and then we have Saturday. Sunday should be pleasant, and sunny. Easter is an all around special day of the year.


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