Boldness, and Your Potential.#4

Is this one wild?love-joy-peace-4

Many of us talk ourselves out of what we could do, because we have little faith that we can do what we were made to do. Maybe you need a few art courses to get you moving in your talent. Maybe you need some work in writing, so you can combine the two. Illustrating comes naturally for some, and for others, a little more zest from a teacher, or professor will give you the boost you need to accomplish something you have in mind.

God does wonderful things with those who yield to Him daily. He is creative, and He puts ideas in our minds if we yield, submit the plan, and ask for wisdom. The first step is to START WORKING ON WHAT YOU HAVE WANTED TO DO WITH YOUR HANDS AND THE SHEET OF PAPER IN FRONT OF YOU.

ART IS WORK. SO IS WRITING.  God will give you the ideas, and as you work the plan of having boldness, and faith to work up to your potential, you will see the difference. God is not lazy. He says not to be lazy in well-doing. So work the plan. Have a starting time, and an ending time so you can be consistent, like working it as you would a job.

The simple art that I included took time to do. I sat there working on it for at least several hours. It was in my mind, and as I started, it came about. Sadly, those with more talent can’t get started, and their own mind keeps them bound so they can’t work to their potential. Break the chains off your mind, by giving your heart to the Lord Jesus. He will increase your tenacity to get your work done.


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