Today is Monday, all day.

Today is Monday, all day. I have a busy week, because Wednesday we meet for supper at the church. It will be a carry in, with Pork Roast cooked by Ruby, and Ham cooked by another member of the church. Those are the meats. We are inviting friends of the church to come join us for a service of worship, and a meal brought in, by our members and friends. The Meat will be cooked by us, unless someone brings in something else. You never know what we will bring for a church supper.

Singing, and worship, and a pastor’s lesson will happen. Our God is an awesome God, and I believe He reigns. I believe He cares more than we can imagine. Praise is due Him, and I found myself praising Him today while I cleaned the dishes in the sink, and in the dishwasher. They didn’t clean up, so I scrubbed, and washed the dishes. Some were profoundly needing the dish soap that I use. I love Joy! The dishes shine, and I love to see them sparkle, and come clean.

                         Pork Roast
I made this for the Wednesday night group. It takes four hours to cook. This includes shopping, and letting the vegetables,and meat cook straight through until time to eat.

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