It’s Time to Plant.

I set my plants inside when the weather turned colder. They have been on the smooth part of the front of our fireplace. It is a foot or more high, and wide. Someone must have loved to build fireplaces. This one is well-built, and I love it. I put my Geraniums in the house this year. They usually die, and then we buy more. I determined to keep them this year, and they have survived. One plant lost all its leaves, but I kept watering it. Plants bloom in the Spring, and though they look worse, and dead, I have given these two a chance.

Now the leaves on the Geranium are coming back. It has several. Isaac also has a tall plant inside. It is an avocado plant. He has babied this one, and it is a yard tall. It will go outside, maybe. He has other plants started. We have never had one to bare fruit. My dead, and dying mystery plant is still in its pot. I plan to water it, and eventually set it outside to see if it will live. Nature is mysterious. What looks dead, isn’t really!


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