If You Want the Blog to Grow, then Write on it from your Heart.

This is a long title for what I plan to write. I have been on Rubies Corner’s blog for years, and it is growing still, ever so slowly. My son suggested that I have a blog, and this was the first one. We worked on it until it was ready to go.

“Write something, and that will be your first post, Mom.” Isaac said.

I said, “I have never done this. I will try. You may have to help me through the beginning stages of this.”

He smiled, and walked out the door. I heard him say faintly, “NOW, I can write without Mom interrupting me. ”

I heard him laugh, and go quickly to his computer. I knew he would not drop me on my head. My son wants me to write, so I did. The first posts were written in minutes. When I put my hands on the keyboard, I know what to write. I let the words flow, and they still do.

What was thrilling was the attention I received eventually. I didn’t know to watch the “followers”. I saw that the numbers were increasing, but I was not used to being listened to, or rewarded with comments. Isaac helped me with spelling and what buttons to push for this or that. I feel I have grown, and so has Rubies Corner’s blog. It now has 776 followers, and I don’t really know how they came, except through reading the Reader, and commenting on other posts.

I don’t feel it was an accidental thing that I became a writer. You see, I have written in diaries all my life. The diary turned into a journal. Now I share life with my audience on Rubies Corner’s blog. I have other blogs, but I spoil this one by writing on it daily. A blog will grow if you write from your heart, and enjoy seeing what you see.





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