Don’t Plant Flowers Until Mother’s Day?

This is a longer time to wait, but then I don’t know when the last frost for Spring is. There is always a cooler time of the year, and then Spring comes in heartily.  Someone told me their Mother said not to plant flowers until Mother’s Day. She said they would live, and the soil would be warmer to receive them.

I believe I could eat ripened, tomatoes all year long. Last year I bought 4, tomato, plants, and kept them on the table outside.  I buy tomato plants every year, because there is nothing like having a real, home-grown, tomato!

The table is bright, fire-engine red. It was made like the old blue, one, from slats of wood, and it is beautiful. The blue one was used until it fell apart. We put it back together, but it was gone by the first of the summer. The wood was rotten. When it finally fell apart, Ed made this bright, red, one. I love it. He worked on the table for weeks.

He isn’t a carpenter. He is a perfectionist. I let him be, and he was content with it when he painted it bright, red. Red attracts birds, but I pray over the tomatoes. We sprinkle Seven Dust on them, because of the varmints that want to eat them from the inside out. I don’t like to use Seven Dust, but the other alternative is to make a wiring fence around and over the tomatoes. Still, bugs can get in, so I used Seven Dust sparingly. Smile. Ripe tomatoes are also sold at the store near the tunnel. We run out of tomatoes, because we eat them as Fried Green Tomatoes, or ripened tomatoes.


One thought on “Don’t Plant Flowers Until Mother’s Day?

  1. Good morning! I think frost for you is over. If not, you can just throw a sheet over the plants for one night. Go ahead and plant those tomatoes!!!!!!


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