Do You Know?

Do you know that there are games on the computer that are free? I just finished playing checkers. Then I went to another came of making words. It was similar to scrabble. I won. We had a board full of words. Educational games help you preserve your mind. I am preserving it daily now. The games are quick, fun, and wonderful for passing my time. When I am tired, I rest. Part of resting can be reading, or writing, or playing games on the computer. I won’t waste my time. Smile.


2 thoughts on “Do You Know?

  1. Excellent! The one I play most often is Spider Solitaire. Then I play Just Words in the “more games” section. I also like to play Purple, the little school house. It’s a memory game. But my favorite are hidden object games on the internet. I have to pay for them, but always buy at 60% off. Hahahahaha! Glad you have found these!

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    1. I believe Mom was the best of all the teachers I had. She was gifted, because she played games with us, and introduced educational things to us. I know she was smart, and so was Dad. Mom insisted that we have play outside, and we stayed out most of the day in the summers. I believe playing with other children increases your intellect. We made up games for the neighborhood. They weren’t kissing games. We ran around basses, and played action games. I know, kissing is action, but we were not into that. We were young, and we were full of energy.

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