Creativity is a Gift.

Creativity is original with you, or whoever uses this gift. I feel that those around me are often more creative than I am. I love to be surprised with talent coming through from someone I know. Many friends will deny that they have any talent, but their talent is dormant. They haven’t tried to draw, or paint. They just know they don’t have any talent because they can’t draw a straight line. Well, many of the designs that come our way are almost a straight line totally. Think of the boxes of Tide, or whatever detergent comes in a box. Someone had to design the box for this company.

My son made his own make-believe box, and personalized it for someone.  The child loved it. It was the kind of gift that one will save, because you can tell how much time went into it.

Real artists are very, creative, and they know the principles of design. Thank God!


Author: rubiescorner

I love to paint,write,make up my own recipes, and sing. I write poetry, songs, and books. I began to paint, because my sister left me art supplies, and I needed to use them. She encouraged anyone to paint.Then she died of cancer. I began to paint more, because I was grieving over her death. As I painted I came out of my gloom, and grief. She was a wonderful, artist. I continue to paint. Recently I have been writing my, fourth, novel. It is about life for a couple who live in a small, town. There is one, adventure after another, in this book. I make no apology for writing Christian novels. I believe there is an audience for Christian literature that is written in this century! My prayer is that after reading it, people will want to read the Word of God, and commit to Christ. I pray over the text, and type. My son encouraged me to join Word, and he set up my first blog which we called Rubies Corner's Blog. I have other blogs which I have left open, but the largest, blog at this point is Rubies Corner's Blog. My book is being written on rubiesdonovels which is another blog. I am currently writing my fourth, book.. I hope to publish eventually. I am a retired school teacher. My husband is pastor of Christ Fellowship in Ringgold, Georgia. We have been there over thirty, years. I write about my church, and about life from a Christian, perspective as a pastor's wife. Life has become very, interesting, and busy since I resigned from my last job. I consider myself retired, but I paint frequently. My Gravatar shows one, painting that I did several years ago. The plant cost over thirty dollars. I painted on this one for a while. I have another site that has more art work. It is on deviantArt under RSC3. I have over 200 drawings there. Some were finished on the computer with the mouse. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Creativity is a Gift.”

  1. There are all kinds of creativity, not just painting and drawing. You are creating a meal every Wednesday night, and every time you go to the computer, you are creating a wonderful world called Rubies Corner’s Blog! There are degrees of creativity, and some people have the strange twists and turns (or lights and shadows) in their brains that lead to creativity in almost everything they do! That’s a hard way to live–all that pressure to produce all the time. You are creative in a calm, relaxed way that is appealing to your readers, your church, your family, and your friends! How fortunate you are that God created you this way! Love you!

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